Saturday, February 15, 2014

Anthelion (幻日) - 沐血再臨 (Bloodshed Rebefallen) [2007]

Artist: Anthelion
Title: Bloodshed Rebefallen
Genre: Sympho-Black Metal
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2007

Track List:
  1. Snake Corpse
  2. 零 / Sin of Aeon
  3. 無懼 再臨 / Without Trepidation
  4. 墓海 / Grave Ocean
  5. 血嫁 / Bloody Matrimony
  6. 蟄伏 冰封幻蛻 / Hibernation Glaciation Exuviation
  7. 夜殲炙獄炎 / Bloodshed in the Dark of Burning Hell
  8. 破魂錄 / The Tome of Broken Souls
  9. 神敵 / The Evil Adversary
Like Nathrzeim, Anthelion are playing a "Western" kind of symphonic black metal, even though they're from Taiwan. The lyrics, however, are in Chinese for the most part. There aren't many metal bands in Taiwan (definitely much less than in Singapore, for example), but there seems to be a small but thriving melodic black metal scene. It probably started with Chthonic, whom I'm not a fan of - but there are other bands that worth attention, including Anthelion. "Bloodshed Rebefallen" is quite good for a debut LP.

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