Monday, February 10, 2014

Burn The Water - "Eschatological" [2012]

Artist: Burn The Water
Title: Eschatological
Genre: Industrial Metal, Experimental
Country: India
Year: 2012

Track List:
  1. __________
  2. The End pt.1 (The Warmonger)
  3. The End pt.2 (Yes, today is DOOMSDAY v2)
  4. The Scene
  5. The Escape
  6. __________
  7. The World (outside) ft.The Siren's Allure
Apocalyptic electronic/metal from India, first release of this kind from South Asia I could find. Actually, it isn't bad at all, considering it was recorded at home using only quite primitive equipment:

"Formed in early 2011 as a solo Metal project by Debojyoti under the moniker of BURN the Water, it started out with creating experimental tunes influenced by musical genius Devin Townsend and the like...
This EP was recorded using a 10$ mic, 120$ guitar, a cheap ZOOM processor onto a (really old) Celeron pc. So all donations to this EP directly goes to the artist for funding his upcoming projects/albums" (bandcamp)

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