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Zergeyth - "Pajot Kezäs Kodoilas" [2013]

Artist: Zergeyth
Title: Pajot Kezäs Kodoilas
Genre: Folk/Black Metal
Country: Russia
Year: 2013

Track List:
  1. Kevät Tulou, Levos Tippuu
  2. Karjalažen Piäsköi
  3. Kezä Kodirandažeu
  4. Jälles Ajandu
  5. Vihmua Kaččojen
  6. Vuottovuara
  7. Kodi Kuččuu Karjalah
  8. Kurren Kižad
  9. Tomhet (Burzum cover)
Zergeyth is a guitarist of a St.Petersburg-based aggro-industrial band Repos Tuto Matos, who worked on his solo album for several years, and finally released it a few weeks ago. It's currently being promoted as an unique release - blackened folk metal with lyrics in Karelian language. This description made me interested, and I decided to check out both project.

The 2012 album of Repos Tuto Matos reminded me of later KMFDM albums (not their best ones, I'd say). The cover art is awful, but the music in general isn't that bad (at least by local standards). As for Zergeyth, I personally liked his album, but it's hardly black metal - more like "blackened sympho-power/folk metal" or something like that. The opinions of other people who have listened to it differ too: some liked it, some considered it pretentious bullshit. I personally liked track #7, which kinda stands out of the whole album, and reminds me of Kárpátia's later stuff:

Too bad I don't understand the lyrics at all (maybe if I tried to learn Finnish language instead of Hungarian, I'd be able to understand at least something... but alas). They probably contain a lot of typical black/pagan metal stupidity, however. Anyway, if you like Kárpátia, Loits, and Finnish/Hungarian folk metal scene, check this album out. Can't say I was interested in it because of my vague Finno-Ugric heritage - rather just because I wanted to hear something new and different. "Pajot Kezäs Kodoilas" partly met my expectations - it's good, but could be better.

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