Thursday, January 30, 2014

Playing Dead Man / Individual Distortion / Perusak / Anus Apatis - "Grind Kemana-Mana" [2011]

Artist: Playing Dead Man / Individual Distortion / Perusak / Anus Apatis
Title: Grind Kemana-mana
Genre: Grindcore, Digital Hardcore/Breakcore
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2011

Track List:
  1. Playing Dead Man - Global Suffering
  2. Playing Dead Man - Cannibal Creation
  3. Playing Dead Man - ExistenShit
  4. Individual Distortion - Giving Dropkicks To Fixedgear Riders On Sunday
  5. Individual Distortion - Anjing Lu Ngentot
  6. Individual Distortion - Ojo Ngono
  7. Perusak - Sepele Tapi Krusial
  8. Perusak - Big Bang and Boom
  9. Perusak - Make Moral Judgement
  10. Anus Apatis - K.R.S.G.T.H.
  11. Anus Apatis - Senimu Tak Semurni Bensinku
  12. Anus Apatis - Nothing Happen with Your Pusssy
Official release notes from Stone Age Records:

"Its a 4 way split made up by Individual Distortion, Anus Apatis, Perusak, and Playing Dead Man. And such an honour thing to know that the split's cover is done by one of the most famous dangdut star nowadays, Ayu Ting Ting! :p Ok. Each band in this split playing different styles of grind music. First we got Individual Distortion which is very very very pro in wrecking up your stereo with the super annoying noisecore tunes, Playing Dead Man playing grind with the powerviolence taste inside, and then we got Perusak bringing you the heavy new school grind stuff, if you're fit with Missery Index well you'll be into it, then the last one we got Anus Apatis from Jogja blowing you the insane cybergrind tunes. We'd like to say sorry if you feel that the split is way too short but it's the way that grind should be. Once again, if you think that grind is not a humorous music well you're wrong :p Cheers!"

For the most part, grindcore indeed is a humorous genre (see my previous entry); however, Playing Dead Man doesn't look like a typical "funny grindcore" band - it's rather more serious, political hardcore/mincecore. On the other hand, there's still a lot of humorous industrial grind/noise/breakcore on this split. Generally reminds me of a duo called Super Postman, whom I was acquainted with several years ago, when I studied in the uni. They were originally from Kirovo-Chepetsk, a relatively small industrial town ~570 km north from here, but came here to study. Their music (if it deserves to be called so)  was made purely for fun, since they had neither the equipment to do anything serious, nor the sufficient audience for such kind of music in their hometown. Judging from how quickly the Indonesian death/grind scene grows - I guess the situation in there is better...

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