Sunday, April 21, 2013

Metal Lady - s/t [1990]

Artist: Metal Lady
Title: Metal Lady
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Hungary
Release date: 1990

Track List:
  1. Legendák És Mesék
  2. Jégszíved
  3. Nélküled
  4. Ébredj Fel
  5. Kicsi Katonám
  6. Kegyetlen Hajsza
  7. Egy Falka, Egy Vér
  8. Az Én Világom
  9. Hit Nélkül Éltem
  10. Szóljon A Rock
This album was recorded in 1990 by the members of Pokolgép(one of the oldest Hungarian metal bands), and Ica Bíró (real name Ilona Borúzs), best known as an actress and a female bodybuilder. It remained virtually unknown outside Hungary until it was posted on Metallium Hungaricum blog (now seems to be deleted). My impression of it can be best described by this shoutbox comment: "I believed this would be crap! But its awesome!" Well... maybe not awesome, but still decent, despite being very stereotypical in terms of imagery (basically, a female version of Manowar). My favourite track is "Kicsi Katonám" (although some of you probably won't like the vocals in this one).

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