Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Almôra - "Kıyamet Senfonisi" [2008]

Artist: Almôra
Title: Kıyamet Senfonisi
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Country: Turkey
Release date: 2008

Track List:
  1. Ayışığı Savaşcısı
  2. Kıyamet Senfonisi
  3. İyiler Siyah Giyer
  4. Su Masalı
  5. Sonbahar
  6. Tılsım
  7. Rüzgarın Kızı
  8. Satılık Krallar
  9. Gidenlerin Ardından
Turkish rock/metal scene isn't limited to Anatolian rock and black metal;there are bands in almost every subgenre of metal, including gothic/symphonic metal. Along with Catafalque, Almora are one of the most prominent female-froned metal bands from Turkey; "Kıyamet Senfonisi" is their last (and the best) album. I've listened to all 5 their albums (including their debut "Gates of Time", which was quite popular in countries like Jordan), but this one is my favourite out of all 5, along with "Kalihora's Song". While their earlier albums can be described as folk/power metal, "Kıyamet Senfonisi" is more standard sympho-metal with little folk elements. Pretty much everything about this album is good, except for Nightwish-like female vocals in some tracks (including the opening one)... maybe I'm wanting too much, but I hope to hear more symphonic/female-fronted metal bands that are NOT similar to Nightwish. My personal favourite tracks are "Kıyamet Senfonisi", "İyiler Siyah Giyer" (featuring only male vocals - just like the 3rd tracks on all other albums of theirs, except the debut one), and "Rüzgarın Kızı".

P.S. Am I the only one to notice that Turkish language sounds quite like Japanese at times? First I noticed it while listening to She Past Away, and some songs from "Kıyamet Senfonisi" gave me the same feeling. Almora's music is also good for making AMVs:

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