Thursday, April 11, 2013

Malfunct - "Promo Machine" [2005]

Artist: Malfunct
Title: Promo Machine
Country: Turkey
Release date: 2005

Track List:
  1. Sleep
  2. Sickness
  3. Dark (Noize Fix Mix)
  4. Storm:Override
  5. Transform (Trip Domain Mix)
  6. Amplitude (Existential Surrealist Mix)
Another very interesting discovery with I made, like, 10 years ago (or even more) via the "old" According to the official biography:

"Malfunct was founded with the name Malfunction in year 2000 by Eray Ozkural, Arda Tipi and Murat Uney. Malfunct experimented with a lot of styles from industrial metal to EBM, probably the first band in Turkey to give serious attention to electro-industrial/EBM, strange as it sounds. In preceding years, Eray worked on experiments in computer music while Arda perfected a progressive guitar style and Murat was the master of thrashing riffs and sound manipulations on the guitar. Two productive years in 2000 and 2001 gave birth to the initial but decisive sound of the band. Following a hiatus in 2002 due to relocations and other difficulties, Eray continued producing and composing on his own, towards the sound of malfunction, renaming the project as Malfunct since there was an old metal band with the name Malfunction. Some results of this work are available on this site. A 1 hour long demo CD called “Promo Machine” that contains 17 tracks was distributed to selected people which contained pieces from a wide variety of styles including old school industrial, EBM, industrial metal, electro metal, IDM, etc. in 2005, most of which were instrumental. Malfunct is still unsigned and is working on new tracks, featuring a more “professional” sound, i.e. sounds just like other industrial bands"
So far I could find only this 6-track version of "Promo Machine". The quality of production is indeed quite poor, but it doesn't matter much, because I my opinion they have a right understanding of industrial sound and aesthetics, and that's what really matters. My favourite track is "Storm:Override", which is the heaviest one out of all 6. Shame that the bands like Malfunct or Mechanic Fist remain virtually unknown outside their home countries and can't even afford a professionally produced release, while their music is much more interesting than that of many well-known European & American industrial bands...

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