Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thunder Way - "The Order Executors" [1993]

Artist: Thunder Way
Title: The Order Executors
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Albania
Release date: 1993

Track List:
  1. Nothing Else to Try
  2. The Order Executors
  3. The Last Warrior
  4. Unexpected Sufferings
  5. Dancing with Beasts
  6. The Devil's Rule
  7. Crimes With Prepensation
  8. Victims of Confusion
  9. Future Punishments

Albania may be not as "non-metal" place as the whole Central Asia - there were more than 20 Albanian metal bands ever in existence, and at least 10 ones active today - but it's still very few even for a relatively small country. Here's the first Albanian metal release ever - "The Order Executors", recorded in 1993 by a band called Thunderway. Unfortunately, it was their only release - they couldn't find a proper audience for such kind of music in post-Hoxhaist Albania (they even had to record this album in the neighbouring Macedonia), and their vocalist himself wanted to do more pop-rock oriented stuff - so the band broke up in 1995. The album is amazing, though - excellent early-1990's heavy/power metal. Check out the track "Crimes With Prepensation", I think it's the best one on the whole album:

As for download links, you can get them here or here (I haven't ripped the album by myself, so I don't want to steal the others' work).

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