Saturday, October 10, 2020

Saħħar - "Qilla tal​-​Qrun" [2019]

Artist: Saħħar
Title: Qilla tal​-​Qrun
Genre: Black/Doom Metal
Country: Malta
Year: 2019

Track List:

  1. Kantiku Kkankrat
  2. Bedwin
  3. Irmed tal-Ħaruf
  4. Tibla' l-Ostja...
  5. ...u taħra x-xjaten
  6. Qilla tal-Qrun
  7. Il-Waqgħa
  8. Ixrob mill-Kalċi, ja Poplu Misħut!
  9. Ħmieġ ta' Isa, Irmed ta' Eluf 
  10. Talba għat-tmiem tal-Ħajja (Mistoqsija ta' Dejjem) 

This album is an interesting find (the first Maltese metal release I came across), but for some reason, my review wasn't posted properly, and I can't find it in the drafts either. So let's just say I always thought that Arabic language is very suitable for black metal, and it turns out that Maltese language (which evolved from one of the medieval Arabic dialects) suits it even better. The best track on the whole album is the last one, which features dual male/female vocals, and I'd like to hear a full-length album in such style from them.

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