Sunday, October 11, 2020

Erancnoir - s/t [2018]

Artist: Erancnoir
Title: Erancnoir
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Iran
Year: 2018

Track List:

  1. Erancnoir
  2. Mehr

Iran may be not the best place to play metal in, yet Iranian metal scene not only exists but can boast some world-class acts.I stumbled upon this one-man project from Tehran just a few days ago, and was pleasntly surprised by this self-titled album, which is on pair with the best Western nature-inspired atmospheric black metal releases. The lyrics on "Erancnoir" are in Farsi (but it's rather an exception, as the other releases feature lyrics in German).

"Erancnoir is the fallen entity of autumn and the frozen entity of winter. His whispers shall not be heard and his emotions shall not be felt; unless ears and souls are welcome to the coldness of snow, and the falling of leaves"

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