Sunday, July 5, 2020

Zommm - "Reality Is An Illusion" [2018]

Artist: Zommm
Title: Reality Is An Illusion
Genre: Post-Black Metal
Country: Azerbaijan
Year: 2018

Track List:
  1. Lights
  2. The Shining Of The Solar Moon
  3. Losing Myself In A Green Desert
  4. Reality Is An Illusion
  5. Dust
Azerbaijan definitely isn't a "metal" country by any means, yet there is a relatively significant and tightly knit experimental black metal/shoegaze scene, consisting of such projects as Violet Cold (probably the only Azeri metal project that's well known worldwide), Sumgzeit, Sukkkgall, Brokenchelust, and now Zommm, who are an experimental black metal/post-rock duo from Baku, started in 2017.

If you love "cosmic" post-black metal in the vein of Violet Cold, their debut EP (as well as the subsequently released acoustic single "Starfall In Her Eyes") is definitely for you. Moreover, it also features some folk instruments like tar that gives some "oriental" feel to the music. There's not much info about the band in English (I managed to find only one interview with them in Russian), but they surely have the potential to become the second Violet Cold, Let's wait for their upcoming full length album "Fundamental Of The Universe".

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