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Lock And Load - "Double Decker Slams" [2019]

Artist: Lock And Load
Title: Double Decker Slams
Genre: Death Metal / Hardcore
Country: UK
Year: 2019

Track List:
  1. Dieseaslisation
  2. Double Decker $lam
  3. Flat Cap
  4. Scruddy
That's the only death metal band (with hardcore-style vocals) I know whose main lyrical theme are trains, and the second one that's inspired by the everyday like of industrial workers (the first one being Nakka). Yes, I love trains and railways too, and I know there are people (railfans, railway buffs, or "ferroequinologists", how they sometimes call themselves) who take that love to the extreme, but I didn't know they play metal too:
"Debut solo E.P. from Daniel Amesbury, Narrow boater , railway fanatic and life long metal head.

This is my first solo release, believe it or not canals and trains go hand in hand with Brutal slamming death metal with the grimy,industrious and heavy nature of work in both areas Lock and load, a name with more meaning than the average rock covers band using the same name ( that being canal lock and dreadlock) I aim to combine all 3 elements to reflect the blue collar work and create brutal double decker slams.

Taking inspiration from 'No One Gets Out alive' -the one man redneck slamming banjo, except being on a bass clarinet and playing actual breakdown riffs on it to utilize the most of the instruments dark tomberes I thought I'd combine the elements of melody from 1960's railway public film music scores with slam. to create a some what ironic but brutal setting from the era of new trains and the decline of the canals and the ever growing competition from the private car and air travel.

While a lot of slam bands tend to go for the "caveman" sound I took my own spin on this describing it at best as a "scrapyard scruddy" sound.

Of course you'd probably be wondering what the term 'DOUBLE DECKER SLAMS ' means -quite simply- the slams are stacked on top of each other!"
Of course it's hard to take this EP seriously, and it'd be better posted on the 1st of April, yet the lyrical subject is quite appealing to me:

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