Friday, May 22, 2015

Nakka - "Человек-Завод" [2013]

Artist: Nakka
Title: Человек-Завод
Genre: Death Metal, Grindcore
Country: Russia
Year: 2013

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Горб
  3. Necroelectro
  4. Чугун
  5. Девушка и станок
  6. Стальной вол
  7. Баба из запчастей
  8. Фрезеровочная
  9. Mirror
  10. Железный лес
  11. За_вод(с)кой
  12. Outro
Like Deflowering Brain, Nakka falls into the category of "comedy grind", yet they're far more talented and creative than the majority of bands which work in this niche. The key distinguishing feature of Nakka is their extensive use of industrial aesthetics, while their music itself is more or less straightforward death/grind of the Czechoslovak school. The only thing "industrial" about their sound is the extensive use of voice samples from various sources (mainly from the old soviet movies); that said, it's very well played and recorded. The vocals are female, although it doesn't make them sounding any less brutal :3

Their lyrics and imagery are a different matter though. The lyrics are mostly about the everyday life of industrial workers and the blurring of lines between humanity and machinery - both metaphorically (as in "working hard all your life, like a cog in a machine") and literally (as in Shinya Tsukamoto's cult movie "Tetsuo: The Iron Man"). Nakka's approach to these matters is entirely humorous, though, as opposed to the early industrial death metal bands such as Dead World.

I'd translate the title of this album (which is Nakka's first full-length release) as "Human Factory". You can listen to it on Bandcamp, or even buy it for a symbolic price of 1$. Be sure to also check their music videos, which are pure insanity created with a very limited budget:

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