Thursday, May 30, 2019

Nevermore - "Dreaming Neon Black" [1999]

Artist: Nevermore
Title: Dreaming Neon Black
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: USA
Year: 1999

Track List:
  1. Ophidian
  2. Beyond Within
  3. The Death Of Passion
  4. I Am The Dog
  5. Dreaming Neon Black
  6. Deconstruction
  7. The Fault Of The Flesh
  8. The Lotus Eaters
  9. Poison Godmachine
  10. All Play Dead
  11. Cenotaph
  12. No More Will 
  13. Forever
I can't believe I haven't posted this album on here yet (although I did mention it in my review of "Omnio" by In The Woods). "Dreaming Neon Black" is included in many lists of best metal albums of all times, and for a good reason. This album was reviewed by other people many times before, so I don't have much to add, except to say it's my favourite album in the whole discography of Nevermore (all the other albums didn't impress me much). Tracks like "Beyond Within", "Cenotaph" and "Dreaming Neon Black" are true masterpieces, and the rest of the album doesn't lack in quality either.

Some people categorize this album as technical thrash metal, some - as groove metal and even speed/power metal (no idea why), but as for me, it's quite similar in atmosphere (if not sound) to the best death/doom metal albums released during 1990s, as well as the stuff from early Agalloch or the aforementioned "Omnio" by In The Woods. What else to say? "Dreaming Neon Black" is more depressive than most DSBM albums, and more complex than quite a lot of progressive metal albums (and it requires quite a few re-listens to get into). Since I'm not really interested in dealing with DMCA complaints after posting albums released on bigger labels like Century Media, and since the download links for such well-known albums are easy to find elsewhere, it'd be enough to post a YouTube video:

P.S. RIP Warrel Dane, one of the best and original vocalists and one of the greatest songwriters in the history of metal...

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