Thursday, May 9, 2019

Прокатный Стан - "Нюрнберг" [2010]

Artist: Прокатный Стан
Title: Нюрнберг
Genre: Rhythmic Noise, Dark Ambient
Country: Russia
Release date: 2010

This album, consisting of 4 untitled tracks, was apparently created with a purpose to demonstrate that Soviet military marches mix quite well with martial industrial and rhythmic noise. Nothing is known about the band member(s), so there's not much to say, yet for some reason I'm sure they aren't newcomers to the genre. The music itself ranges from dark ambient to pretty harsh rhythmic noise, with a lot of samples from WWII speeches and marches. This album is comparable to Pyongyang Hardcore Resistance's "Corea" in both sound and aesthetics, and the mystery surrounding the project. Won't recommend it to anyone who isn't a big fan of rhythmic noise, but if you're searching for something in the vein of PHC and TPROE, but with more focus on the WWII era Soviet art and propaganda, check it out.

Title translation: The Rolling Mill - Nürnberg (Nuremberg). Discogs say it was released on under Creative Commons license, but I can't find it anywhere on (if you can, please tell me). However, you can listen to it here or on YouTube.

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