Friday, July 7, 2017

V/A - "New Electric Warriors" [1980]

Artist: (various)
Title: New Electric Warriors
Country: UK
Release date: 1980

Track List:
  1. Turbo - Running
  2. Buffalo - Battle Torn Heroes
  3. Streetfighter - She's No Angel
  4. Stormtrooper - Grind 'n Heat
  5. Tarot - Feel the Power
  6. Bastille - Hard Man
  7. Oxym - Hor Rain
  8. Dawnwatcher - Firing on All Eight
  9. Vardis - If I Were King
  10. Silverwing - Rock & Roll are Four Letter Words
  11. Rhabstallion - Chain Reaction
  12. Colossus - Holding Back Your Love
  13. Jedediah Strut - Workin' Nights
  14. Warrior - Still on the Outside
  15. Kosh - The Hit
  16. Race Against Time - Bedtime
A legendary compilation of obscure NWOBHM bands released in 1980 - the year NWOBHM broke into mainstream in Britain. To be honest, quite a lot of bands on N.E.W. are mediocre - but if you, just like me, love to dig into lesser known NWOBHM releases in search of forgotten gems (and that scene had quite a few of them!), and you aren't afraid of lo-fi sound, this compilation might be of interest for you. My personal favourites on N.E.W. are Oxym and Dawnwatcher, although the songs featured on this disc aren't their best.

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