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Flight Charm - "Waiting White Lady" [1988]

Artist: Flight Charm
Title: Waiting White Lady
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Italy
Release date: 1988

Track List:
  1. Hard Magic Rock
  2. Flight Charm
  3. Waiting White Lady
  4. Flash Light
  5. Nuclear Trap
Flight Charm were a very obscure heavy metal band from Venice formed in 1983 or 1984, and broke up in 1989. Here's the only info about them I could find:

"Formed in 1984 "Flight Charm" released a very good
demo tape(Magician's Nightmare)in 1987,a rare EP
(Waiting White Lady - for LM Records)followed in 1988
(this rare vinyl was bootlegged some years ago on cd together
with the albums by "Buster Brown" and "Rychus Syn" on the
'Hard'n'Heavy Rarities' vol. 11 " by Racer Records).

In 1989 took part to the "Surgery of The Power" compilation
with the song "Come Out of Your Shell",a new singer and
bass player joined the band,this new line up recorded the
songs for a full lenght album that stayed unreleased because
the label LM Records went bankrupt,Flight Charm did not find
another deal and disbanded while the mastermind Eros Mazzon
moved to London(UK)where he is still based pursuing his solo
career(he recorded several demos and released a cd entitled
"Headshrinker" in 2012)"

All their recordings are nearly impossible to find, except for this EP. While the last two songs on there are rather generic and forgettable, the first three ones are quite good, especially the title track:

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