Friday, May 12, 2017

Vintersorg - "Visions from the Spiral Generator" [2002]

Artist: Vintersorg
Title: Visions from the Spiral Generator
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Sweden
Release date: 2002

Track List:
  1. Quotation
  2. Vem Styr Symmetrin?
  3. A Metaphysical Drama
  4. Universums Dunkla Alfabet
  5. E.S.P. Mirage
  6. Spegelsfären
  7. The Explorer
  8. A Star-Guarded Coronation
  9. Trance Locator
This is the first album by Vinstersorg that I ever have listened too, and still the best in my opinion. That was during my university years, when the access to good music was quite difficult for me. With the slow internet connection that I had back then, I was able to download only the short intro track, but that was enough for me to decide that I want to hear the whole thing. After I saw this cassette in a store, I immediately decided to buy it, and certainly wasn't disappointed. This album has everything that I love Vintersorg for: quite complex yet very catchy songs (Andreas Hedlund has a rare talent for such kind of songswriting!), powerful vocals, and awesome lyrics about the nature, cosmos, and science. While this album would be better without the last track (which is thankfully short), everything else is just great and fits my taste in progressive metal very well:

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