Thursday, May 11, 2017

Oxiplegatz - "Worlds and Worlds" [1996]

Artist: Oxiplegatz
Title: Worlds and Worlds
Genre: Progressive Metal, Industrial Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Release date: 1996

Track List:
  1. Battle of Species
  2. First Contact - Conflict
  3. Aftermath
  4. Quest
  5. Graveyard Dream
  6. Usurpers
  7. The End Is Nigh
  8. Abandon Earth
  9. Journey 
The second release by Oxiplegatz, widely considered to be their best, is considerably better recorded and produced than the debut one - and yet again, it features a quite "un-metal" cover art (but who cares about that, if the music itself is decent?). It's indeed very good, and I certainly can hear its influence on some of my favourite albums by Vintersorg:

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