Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I Left The Planet - s/t [2011]

Artist: I Left The Planet
Title: I Left The Planet
Genre: Avant-Garde Black Metal, Jazz-Rock
Country: Norway
Year: 2011

Track List:
  1. Diamond. Hazard
  2. Dark. Blue
  3. Soft. Mad
"One from the vaults, this unique piece of avant-garde metal history, never before leaked or released, features some of the authorities of the genre including members from Fleurety and Ved Buens Ende. Recorded on analogue 16-track tape in March 1996, I Left the Planet is a one-off project featuring members from Fleurety, Ved Buens Ende and Virus; all bands hailed as originators of the style that has lately come to be known as avant-garde metal. Lyrics and voice are courtesy of acclaimed Norwegian author and novelist Bjørn Esben Almaas, overlaying three separate pieces of music written by Alexander Nordgaren, also handling guitars on the recording. Combined with Ayna Beate Johansen's distinctive voice, Czral's legendary drums and percussion style, Per Amund Solberg's contrapuntal bass melodies and Mari Solberg's jazzy saxophones the result is different from any other band of the era; Dark Poetry. Dark Metal. Dark Jazz. The recording plays across and between Adversum's label profile key words; disharmony, imagination, individualism, courage, entertainment and darkness, and is its first release on vinyl"

As you might know, I love this avant-garde side of the Norwegian black metal scene, so a side project of Fleurety & Ved Buens Ende just couldn't fail to catch my attention. It's indeed very experimental, closer to jazz-rock than to any kind of metal. The project name itself is quite fitting, as they apparently wanted to create something "out of this planet". Apart from the unusual mix of jazz and black metal (something akin to "A Conflict Scenario" by Virulence, although they were mixing jazz with death/grind), this EP has some "industrial" feel to it, due to the extensive use of samples (I even heard a short Russian-language sound clip close to the end of the last track). If you want to download it, go to, but I think it'd be easier to check out all these tracks on Youtube:

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