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Dark Lunacy - "The Diarist" [2006]

Artist: Dark Lunacy
Title: The Diarist
Genre: MDM, Symphonic Metal
Country: Italy
Year: 2006

Track List:
  1. Aurora
  2. Play Dead
  3. Pulkovo Meridian
  4. The Diarist
  5. Snowdrifts
  6. Now Is Forever
  7. On Memory's White Sleigh
  8. Heart of Leningrad
  9. Prospekt
  10. Motherland
  11. The Farewell Song
Wait, this album wasn't on my blog yet? It surely should be, because it's an excellent release - one of the best of 2006, as far as my taste is concerned.

Dark Lunacy is one of two bands I know whose style has been dubbed "dramatic metal" (the other one being Blackthorn) - mainly for the extensive use of violins, which, according to the band's former guitarist, "give a touch of dramatic and nostalgic to everything". This album, however, doesn't feature violins (only piano/keyboards) - which doesn't make it any less "dramatic", though. The music actually would be quite close to the melodic death metal of the Scandinavian school, if not for this "dramatic"/symphonic component. The vocals are mostly male growling, although there's also some clean female vocals on "Snowdrifts" or "On Memory's White Sleigh" (the two best tracks on the whole album, in my opinion, and their attempts to sing in Russian on the latter track aren't bad at all). There's also a couple of "skits" (not sure if this word is applicable to non-rap music, though) and samples of WWII music here and there, as "The Diarist" is a concept album dedicated to the siege of Leningrad:

Too bad they probably won't release anything else like this, as almost all of the original band members have left Dark Lunacy after the release of "The Diarist". The subsequent album "Weaver Of Forgotten" turned out to be quite weak, and the last one up to date, "The Day Of Victory", is similiar to "The Diarist" but definitely doesn't come any close to its level. Well, at least we still have a nice photo of them on the Red Square in Moscow, similar to the ones which Metallica, Pantera, Rise Against and The Real McKenzies did there. No idea when it was taken, but probably about the same time "The Diarist" was released:

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