Monday, December 31, 2012

(Project) Ritual Noise - "Сonfirmation of Diagnosis" [2009]

Artist: (Project) Ritual Noise
Title: Сonfirmation of Diagnosis
Label: Mental Excitement
Genre: IDM
Country: Moldova
Release date: 2009

Track List:
  1. Clinical Death
  2. Do’t F*ck My Mind Now
  3. Rollback Of Life
  4. Сonfirmation of Diagnosis
  5. Eyes of the dying cat [vocal - Olesya Chursinova]
  6. Some words about Easter
  7. Do’t F*ck My Mind Now (Railroad Mix)
  8. Euthanasia
  9. I Can’t Dive
  10. Hollyday [vocal - Nataly Jorin]
  11. Symphony 4 [kick with an orchestra]
  12. Industrial Symphony ( ]crucifactor[ mix)
  13. Do't F*ck My Mind ( ]crucifactor[ remix)
(Project) Ritual Noise is an one-man Chisinau-based act, started in 2004. PRN's music can be described as IDM with some elements of power noise, which isn't quite "my" style, but I'll post it anyway, because: 1) it's the only Moldovan industrial/experimental electronic project I know; 2) PRN has done several collaborative works with one of my good friends (Cracked Core).

NB: the spelling "do't" instead of "don't" is intended for a pun.

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