Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dr.Zeke - "Udda Pälsar" [1979]

Artist: Dr.Zeke
Title: Udda Pälsar
Genre: Punk
Country: Sweden
Release date: 1979

Track List:
  1. Jag Ska Aldrig Dö
  2. Vild I Skogen
Here's another one of the bands that made me interested in the obscure punk scene of the late 70's, along with Crisis, NY Niggers, and Aryan Disgrace. As far as I know, the first song on this 7'' is considered one of the all time classics of Swedish punk, but I personally prefer the second one, Vild I Skogen - a quite catchy song with energetic female vocals.  Unfortunately, not much is known about the band. Here's all I could find:

"Sissi and Göran (who did the songs on the single) was added after some controversy about the music. Maybe it's time to present what they're called, set that was on the single were: Janne (Drums), Peter (Bass), Sussi (vocals), Torsten (Organ) and last but not least, Göran (Guitar & Vocals). Dr Zeke was formed in February '79 and played out in mid-March at Konstfack in Stockholm, the gig went pretty well. Then it was three girls, but two of them disappeared after a while, they had nothing else to stand in. The single recorded Dr Zeke in October 1979, and both songs are high energetic punkrock and their only output and it's a shame because I think that Dr. Zeke was damn good. The band recorded more songs but nothing happened so they remain missing"

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