Sunday, October 7, 2012

The A.I. of Rah - "Sintetika" [2003]

Artist: The A.I. of Rah
Title: Синтетика
Label: Dominatrix Rec.
Genre: Electro-Industrial
Country: Russia
Release date: 2003

Track List:
  1. Радуга
  2. Мечта О Сверхчеловечестве 
  3. Синтез - Бог
  4. Восхождение К Гармонии 
  5. Преображение
  6. Новый Мир
The A.I. of Rah was one of the numerous projects started by Dizorder, an experimental/industrial musician from Ryazan. Out of all his projects, it has probably the least "noisy", and the most "electro"-like sound. The EP "Синтетика" ("Synthetic") was released in 2003 on Dizorder's DIY label "Dominatrix", and it's my favourite Dizorder's work so far. The lyrics are mostly transhumanism-themed, based on an futuristic idea of a technologically enhanced posthumanity vastly superior to modern humans in terms of its almost godlike abilities. There's also a GITS AMV for the track "Синтез-Бог" made by Dizorder, which I think well reflects the ideology and atmosphere of the song:

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