Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Complex Numbers - "Утро Нового Тысячелетия" [2002]

Artist: Complex Numbers
Title: Утро Нового Тысячелетия
Genre: Techno, Futurepop
Country: Russia
Release date: 2002

Track List:
  1. Эволюция
  2. Утро нового тысячелетия
  3. Пробуждение
  4. Экспансия
  5. Солнечное затмение
  6. Цветущая земля
  7. Время
  8. Бесконечный путь
  9. Трилогия
  10. Неизбежность
  11. Ещё не поздно начать всё сначала
  12. Inevitability (bonus - Russian SE)
  13. Inevitabilite (bonus - French SE)
The second album from Complex Numbers, which is probably the best in their discography (if Victor Argonov's solo work "2032: A Techno Opera" doesn't count). Just like their debut album, this one contains only two tracks with vocals, and they're clearly the best on the whole album. I also added two re-arranged versions of 10th track to the archive (in Russian and French, from CN's maxi single "Last Ring" released in 2009). BTW, I especially like the voice of their new vocalist "Ariel", which you may hear on these two bonus tracks. The lyrics are excellent as well, dealing with quite serious matters such as transhumanism, "hard" science fiction, and the future of the humankind. I think this video will give you an idea of what their music is about:

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