Sunday, January 15, 2012

Narjahanam - "Undama Tath'hur Al Shams Mn Al Gharb" [2007]

Artist: نار جهنم
Title: عندما تظهر الشمس من الغرب
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Bahrain
Release date: 2007

Track List:
  1. That Alamat Al Nujoom / تحت علامات النجوم
  2. Laheeb Al Nar / لهيب النار
  3. Al Jihad / الجهاد
  4. Al Shar Wa Aljan / الشر والجن
  5. Rayat Al Mowt / رايات الموت
  6. Nehaya Wa Bedaya / نهاية وبداية
  7. Huroob Al Zaman Al Akheer / حروب الزمن الأخير
  8. Yown Al Maw’oud / اليوم الموعود
  9. Al Aukhera / الآخرة

Although Bahrain is only a small island in the Persian Gulf, it has a considerably bigger metal scene than in many other Middle Easten countries. Narjahanam (which means "Hellfire" in Arabic, I believe) is a pagan/black metal duo from Bahrain formed in 2004. According to the official biography:

"Narjahanam started off as a side project of Gravedom in the middle of the year 2004. The only reason Narjahanam started is because the ideas and concepts of the songs and lyrical theme did not fit with Gravedom since the lyrics are only in Arabic for Narjahanam, so both Gravedom and Narjahanam have different concepts"

Although the quality of production isn't perfect, and the sound of whole whole album is too "old school", "Undama Tath'hur Al Shams Mn Al Gharb" features a very interesting mix of dark metal (whatever it may mean) and oriental melodies. For some it may seem somewhat monotonous, but nevertheless it contains several really catchy tracks ("Al Jihad", for instance).



  1. Hi there. I just discovered your blog while wandering around the internet, and I am impressed with your knowledge of bands from places like the middle east. I encourage you to post some more.

    1. Thanks! Good to hear that my blog is interesting to someone. BTW, I recommend as a good collection of Middle Eastern and North African metal.

  2. Hello, can you please tell me what is the meaning of the album name? I think Narjahanam were supposed to release a new album? Do you know when they're releasing? There's a new song on Youtube but thats the only one.. its bloody AWESOME! :)

    1. Hello! According to GoogleTranslate, it means "When The Sun Rises From The West", or something along these lines. On their facebook page they write that they finished recording another new song, and it isn't too long until the rest of the album is complete (more than halfway is done), but still no specific date.

    2. Thank you for your response. I'm eagerly waiting for their new album.. I absolutely love Narjahanam :) Thank you for this blog too! Cheers!!

  3. The translation of the title is correct. I just want to add that the rising of the sun from the West, according to Islamic traditions, is a sign of the end of the world or the apocalypse. When it happens, Allah won't be accepting any pleads for mercy or forgiveness. It's the definitive sign that one is damned to hell, if he/she didn't lead a pious life.

  4. Yihaddist arabian black metal!!!