Saturday, September 17, 2011

La Reforma / La Armada Roja - split [???]

Artist: La Reforma / La Armada Roja
Title: split
Genre: Oi!/Ska
Country: Dominican Republic
Release date: unknown

Track list:

La Reforma
  1. Latinoamerica
  2. Haiti
  3. Ahi Estan
  4. Resistencia Irak
La Armada Roja
  1. Ha Muerto Ya
  2. La Balada Del Comprador
  3. La Nueva Argentina
  4. Juicio Propio [Cover De Tropiezo]
Dominican punk? Hmm... interesting. I know that the Caribbean is the birthplace of reggae and ska, but I haven't heard much punk or just rock music coming from that area. However, Dominican rock scene does exist, although it isn't too big. The two bands presented on this split are playing political streetpunk/oi/ska, and they do it actually quite good. I have no idea when it was released (does anybody know?), but it's definitely from the 2000s.

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