Saturday, September 17, 2011

МП44 - "Подавление / Унификация / Подчинение" [2006]

Artist: MP44
Title: Suppression / Unification / Submission
Genre: "Dadacore", Industrial Electronic, Cut-Up
Country: Russia
Release date: 2006

Track List:
  1. Буржуазная Революция
  2. День За Днём Одно И Тоже
  3. Digital Brainwashing
  4. Фарс-Мажор-Позолота-Югенд
  5. Миддл-Класс-Буги
  6. Моя Машина (radio edition)
  7. Обряд Захоронения Телевизора
  9. Трансплантация
  10. З/К за З/П
Another industrial project which music is often described as "dadacore", this time from Russia. MP44 is a "virtual" duo that's making expiremental music based on the "cut-up" sampling technique, and the result of their efforts is quite close to early 1980s industrial music both in terms of sound and ideology. MP44's creative output is very hard to understand outside the cultural context of modern Russian society, but I'll post this album here anyway (especially since I've posted two albums by Pornostroika Dadaifi, whose music is very hard to understand without context as well).

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