Wednesday, August 17, 2011

e.g. Oblique Graph - "Triptych" [1983]

Artist: e.g. Oblique Graph (pre-Muslimgauze)
Title: Triptych
Genre: Ambient / Percussion Industrial
Country: UK
Release date: 1983

Track List:
  1. Black Cloth Behind De Gaulle's Wax Head
  2. Triptych
  3. Study Of The Red Pope (Innocent X)
  4. Castro Regime
Here's another rare EP from Bryn Jones, released in early 1980s under the name "e.q. Oblique Graph". It's much more repetitive and less listenable than "Piano Room" or "Extented Play"... but then again, early industrial music wasn't supposed to be easy to listen. I wouldn't recommend this release to anyone not familiar with Bryn Jones' musical legacy, but it still has a lot of historical importance.

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