Wednesday, August 10, 2011

e.g. Oblique Graph - "Inhalt" / "Piano Room" [1982-1983]

Artist: e.g. Oblique Graph (pre-Muslimgauze)
Title: Inhalt / Piano Room
Genre: Ambient / Percussion Industrial
Country: UK
Release date: 1982-1983

Track List:
  1. Scar
  2. Affirm/Deny
  3. Choir-Screen
  4. Human Rights
  5. After Commentary
  6. Off Chance
  7. The Piano Room
  8. Islamic Koran In Camera Dome
  9. Rapid White Flag On Snapshot Blur
Beside Mechanic Fist, there's at least one industrial music project heavily influenced by Middle Eastern culture and folk music. You all know its name: Muslimgauze. But not everyone knows that Bryn Jones had released several tapes under the moniker "e.g. Oblique Graph" before starting Muslimgauze. The music on these tapes is "darker" and more minimalistic than the most releases by Muslimgauze, and it carries a really unique atmosphere. "Inhalt" and "Piano Room" are arguably one of most interesting releases by early-80's industrial bands (BTW, I don't really like early industrial scene in general... krautrock and RIO are much better :3). I'm still searching for the very first release by e.g. Oblique Graph, called "Extended Play" - especially the version which contains the track "Extreme Faction". So far I haven't found it anywhere...

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