Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mechanic Fist - demo [2009]

Artist: Mechanic Fist
Title: demo
Genre: EBM / Dark Electro with oriental folk overtones
Country: Azerbaijan
Release date: 2009
Size: 15 mb

Track list:
  1. Armageddon
  2. Industrial Revolution
Mechanic Fist is the first and only industrial (EBM/Electro-Industrial/Industrial rock) band in Azerbaijan, and probably one of very few industrial projects in the whole Middle East. The Azeri rock scene is extremely small, and the metal scene in Azerbaijan is almost non-existent (if not to take in account one or two bands like Fatal Nation), so it was at first very surprising for me to hear even some Azeri industrial/EBM.

Mechanic Fist is a duo formed in 2008 in Baku by Farid Aslanov and Mikail Rafiyev. Farid, the founding member of MF, is a system administrator in Baku, a fan of anime (by the way, we have very similar tastes - both he and I like NGE, Elfen Lied and Wolf's Rain), Star Wars, and post-apocalyptic art (be it movies or games like Fallout). This 2-track demo is the only release by MF that I have, and it's really worth attention, despite its very raw quality of production. Of course, don't expect anything comparable to Funker Vogt or FGFC820, but it's not bad for a first industrial/EBM demo release from Caucasus. They probably also are the first to mix EBM/dark electro with oriental folk (yes, I know about Muslimgause and Fun-Da-Mental, but they both are far from EBM).


  1. new album is out! ^^