Saturday, August 22, 2020

No Return - "Machinery" [2002]

Artist: No Return
Title: Machinery
Genre: Industrial Death/Thrash Metal
Country: France
Year: 2002

Track List:

  1. Machinery
  2. The Recycler
  3. Violator
  4. Synthetic
  5. Disillusion
  6. Virus
  7. Resurrection
  8. Disease
  9. Dynamo
  10. The Last Act
  11. Biomechanoid
  12. Secret Face (Death cover)
No Return are widely regarded one of the biggest French trash metal acts, started as early as in 1984 under the name Evil Power before changing it in 1989. Honestly I'm not familiar with their early works at all (and the whole 80s French metal scene is still mostly a terra incognita for me), but this album was a pretty interesting find. Its sound has been described as a mix of Kreator, (old) Fear Factory, and melodic death metal of the Swedish school, with a lot of electronic music influences. While I can't call "Machinery" a masterpiece, as it's definitely not as innovative as the early works of Fear Factory, Nocturnus, or Oxiplegatz (whom No Return also were compared to), yet it's still very decent and rather overlooked industrial death/thrash metal release with a pronounced futuristic theme.

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