Friday, June 12, 2020

Hạc San - "Sét Đánh Ngang Trời" [2015]

Artist: Hạc San
Title: Sét Đánh Ngang Trời
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Vietnam
Year: 2015

Track List:
  1. Hỗn mang
  2. Dưới đáy trần gian
  3. Hoang tàn
  4. Tiều phu
  5. Kẻ phản bội
  6. Mũi tên đen
  7. Bí mật của người ra đi
  8. Tái sinh
  9. Ai oán
  10. Tiếng đàn hàm oan
  11. Sét đánh ngang trời
Metal is rare in Vietnam, let alone progressive metal, yet there was at least one band that have deserved the title of "Vietnamese Dream Theater". Unfortunately Hạc San seem to be defunct by now, yet they have left a very good concept album based on the story of Thạch Sanh. While the language barrier makes it hard to find more info about the band, and certainly is the reason why they're largely unknown outside Vietnam, this album has a couple of really great songs that seem to have received significant publicity at home:

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