Friday, December 1, 2017

Koenjihyakkei - "Hundred Sights of Koenji" [1994]

Artist: Koenjihyakkei
Title: Hundred Sights of Koenji
Genre: Avant-Prog, Zeuhl
Country: Japan
Release date: 1994

Track List:
  1. Ioss
  2. Doi Doi
  3. Molavena
  4. Gepec
  5. Yagonahh
  6. Ozone Fall
  7. Zhess
  8. Zoltan
  9. Avedumma
  10. Sunna Zarioki
高円寺百景 aka Koenji Hyakkei were one of the few bands that can be safely called the worthy successors of Magma. The Zeuhl subgenre of avant-prog, started by Magma, gained any significant following only in France and Japan, most importantly such bands as Ruins and this band (which was started as a side project of a member of Ruins).

This album has everything we love this genre for, including (but not limited to): throbbing bass, complex rhythm patterns, and the lyrics sung in a made-up language. This album is their debut one, and it isn't as avant-garde as the subsequent ones, such as "Angherr Shisspa". Still I wonder how many people have bought it solely because of it's cover, expecting it to be some nice and easy-to-listen Asian music :)

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