Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rad Machine - "Itkul Afterglow" [2017]

Artist: Rad Machine
Title: Itkul Afterglow
Genre: Ambient, Techno, IDM
Country: Russia
Release date: 2017

Track List:
  1. High Tide
  2. Outskirt Sound 5
  3. Coluber
  4. Leaves
Rad Machine is an one-man electronic project by Valery Melekhin from Ekaterinburg, started as an ambient project but incorporated more techno and breakbeat elements into his music later on. Not much else is known about him, but his music is pretty good, even I normally don't listen much to the electronic music of this kind. This 12'' was presented on the Urals Industrial Biennale, and some people on there even thought they were listening to some previously unreleased EP by Aphex Twin :) Release notes:

"Itkul Afterglow will follow Melekhin's appearance on an Opal Tapes compilation of Russian music, titled USSR, with a set of cuts that run the gamut from deep, reverb-drenched outings to raw machine-driven funk.

The EP will drop digitally, on 12", and cassette, which will also feature four bonus tracks not on the digital and vinyl releases. The cover art for the release was sourced from an old postcard of Lake Itkul, a highly inspiring travel destination for Melekhin over the years"

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