Monday, June 5, 2017

Surprise - "Assault on Merryland" [1977]

Artist: Surprise
Title: Assault on Merryland
Genre: Symphonic Prog Rock
Country: USA
Release date: 1977

Track List:
  1. Eve Of The Assault / Merryland
  2. The Acrobat Between The Stars
  3. Palace Of King Ferris
  4. Tyrangatang
  5. Dance Of The Tarantella
  6. Tournament Of Love
  7. March Of The Squatamaudars
  8. A Day Without Light
  9. The Wonderful Sunshiner / Grand Finale
Rick Bess - acoustic 12 string & electric guitars, bass
Blair Blake - hammond organ, grand piano, mini moog synthesizer, moog taurus bass pedals, arp string ensemble, celeste
Dave Kelly - drums, typani, orchestra bells, gongs, triangles, gyro
Mark Biehl - vocals, flute, trumpet, piccolo

Recorded at Technisonic Studios, St.Louis, Missouri.

Another interesting yet very obscure American prog rock band from the second half of 1970s that released only one full-length album and then disappeared. While it definitely isn't metal, it sounds quite heavy for its time, and the range of instruments used on this album is quite impressive. Some people who reviewed this album on Prog Archives have complained about the lyrics on this album and its overall concept, which they found ridiculous; however, I haven't read the lyrics, so I don't know much about its concept except that it's based on a fantasy story of some sort. Anyway, the music is pretty good. Enjoy:

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