Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Crown of Asteria - "Karhun Vakat" [2016]

Artist: Crown of Asteria
Title: Karhun Vakat
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: USA
Release date: 2016

Track List:
  1. Tietäjä
  2. The Golden Light of Birchwood Temples
  3. Hongotar
  4. Sky-Nail
  5. Black Antlers Above the Lodge
  6. Väki
  7. Kallohonka (live)
Described as a "one-woman atmospheric black metal band from Michigan formed by Meghan Wood", Crown of Asteria can boast 5 full-length albums and numerous EPs released during last 4 years. Most of CoA's music is inspired by the nature of the North, and this particular LP - by Finno-Ugric folklore as well. A pretty interesting subject choice which alone made me want to check this album out :)

According to Meghan Wood's biography at The Horror Zine, she's a graphic designer from Bancroft, Michigan, and she has been a horror fan from a very young age. She has published several poems of her own, and her photography deserves to be checked out as well.

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