Saturday, February 25, 2017

Darkwood - "Talons" [2000]

Artist: Darkwood
Title: Talons
Genre: Neofolk, Neoclassical
Country: Germany
Release date: 2000

Track List:
  1. Ferocity
  2. Fatherland
Darkwood is undoubtedly a well-known name in the German neofolk scene, but this particular 7'' isn't that well-known. Surely these two songs aren't very representative of the whole Darkwood discography because it's neoclassical music with female vocals in Russian - but that's the exact reason why I chose to post this 7'' over other, better known stuff from Darkwood like this song:

+The first song on "Talons" is based on a poem originally written by Henryk Vogel in German, and later translated to Russian because he thought it'd sound better if accompanied with a Russian folk-inspired melody. It's sang with a thick accent, yet I think it only adds some particular charm to this song. The B-side of this 7'' is mostly instrumental piano piece with a short a capella version of "Moscow Nights" close to its end. I couldn't find this 7'' on Darkwood's Bandcamp page, yet it looks like all its 299 copies were sold out long time ago, so posting a download link here hopefully wouldn't be a problem.

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