Thursday, September 22, 2016

Luigi Russolo - "Die Kunst der Geräusche" [2000]

Artist: Luigi Russolo
Title: Die Kunst der Geräusche
Genre: Noise, Avant-Garde Classical
Country: Italy
Year: 2000 (composed during 1910-20s)

Track List:
  1. Risveglio Di Una Città
  2. Crepitatore
  3. Ululatore
  4. Gracidatore
  5. Gorgogliatore
  6. Ronzatore
  7. Arco Enarmonico
  8. Antonio Russolo - Corale
  9. Antonio Russolo - Serenata
  10. Francesco Balilla Pratella - L'Aviatore Dro Op. 33: Fragmente 2. und 3. Akt für Klavier, Rombatore, Sibilatore, Scoppiatore, Ululatore und Stimmen
  11. Giacomo Balla - Macchina Tipografica
  12. Fortunato Depero - Canzone Rumorista
  13. Riccardo Santoboni / Rossana Maggia - Omaggio a Luigi Russolo für Stimme und digitale Intonarumori
Many people who are interested in noise and industrial music know the name of Italian futurist Luigi Russolo, whose 1913 manifesto "The Art Of Noises" laid the foundation for the noise music scene. However, not many actually have listened to his noise compositions, until the German label WERGO, specialized in avant-garde classical music, has released this book/CD set in 2000. I think it should be listened by everyone who's into avant-garde music, and it won't take too much time anyway (the whole album is less than 25 minutes long). It features 7 original compositions by Luigi Russolo (mostly quite short), and 6 tracks by other futurists which generally sound less noisy and more like conventional music than Russolo's ones.

If you want to know more about Italian futurist music of the early XX century, you may also want to check out the compilation "Musica Futurista: The Art Of Noises" which isn't hard to find on the net, but it mostly consists of more or less conventional piano music, with only Russolo (and maybe also Marinetti) being truly "avant-garde" artists. As for Russian futurist movement of the same time, it was mostly about poetry and (to a lesser extent) visual art, and its ideology differs significantly from that of Italian futurists; however,the early Soviet Union did produce several interesting avant-garde musical works, like this one:

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