Sunday, July 10, 2016

Laibach - "Spectre" [2014]

Artist: Laibach
Title: Spectre
Genre: Industrial Electronic, Martial
Country: Slovenia
Release date: 2014

Track List: 
  1. Whistleblowers
  2. No History
  3. Eat Liver!
  4. Americana
  5. We Are Millions And Millions Are One
  6. Eurovision
  7. Walk With Me
  8. Bossanova
  9. Resistance Is Futile
  10. Koran
Laibach already were mentioned on my blog numerous times before, and that's for a good reason: no one would deny them the place among the biggest classics of the industrial scene. While they rarely release anything new nowadays, they did manage to record an excellent album a couple of years ago. I didn't like it that much after the first listening (mostly because it reminded me too much of such Laibach albums from the 90's as "Kapital" and "NATO", which aren't among my favourites), but it grew up on me after few more listenings. Not sure if I can put it on the same level with "Opus Dei", "Jesus Christ Superstars", or "WAT", yet it's certainly better than their previous work ("Volk", 2006), which surely had an interesting concept, but its execution was far from perfect:

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