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Технология - "Все, что ты хочешь" [1991]

Artist: Технология
Title: Все, что ты хочешь
Genre: Synthpop
Country: USSR
Release date: 1991

Track List:
  1. Нажми на кнопку
  2. Все, что ты хочешь
  3. Странные танцы
  4. Холодный след
  5. Cm-112
  6. Один
  7. Set Me Free
  8. Песни ни о чем
  9. Шутник
  10. Полчаса
While the first synthpop projects appeared in USSR as early as in 1983, the genre gained mainstream levels of popularity only in late 80s and very early 90s, largely because of the most successful Depeche Mode albums that were released that time. Of course there was a wave of local projects trying to imitate DM, and Технология (Technology) was the most successful among them.

The band was formed in 1990 by former members of a earlier Moscow-based synthpop band called "Bioconstructor". While the band members themselves have denied any "plagiarism" from Depeche Mode, their style was (and still is) largely viewed by critics as straight up imitation of DM. While it's hard to argue with that, I have to say that I never really liked Depeche Mode. The only their work I actually like a lot is Mike Shinoda's remix of "Enjoy The Silence", everything else just sounds 2boring4me. On the other hand, I really love this album, despite its obvious flaws (weak vocals, cheap production by modern standards, etc.), mostly because it very accurately reflects the overall atmosphere and mood of that era, similarly to the best Hungarian synthpop albums of the same time ("1984" by Bonanza Banzai and "Júlia Nem Akar A Földön Járni" by Napoleon Boulevard, to name a few). I was only 5 y.o. when it was released, and I remember these times as permanent late autumn (just like what I see out of my window right now) and the overall mood of uncertain changes finally coming after the years of 70s' "stagnation". The changes did came, but these weren't the changes we wanted, to put it very mildly...

The tape rip can be found here in MP3 and FLAC, along with the scans. Some of the photos remind me of Kraftwerk, which isn't surprising (the whole 80s' synthpop scene was influenced by Kraftwerk). The band is still active nowadays, although with a different line-up, and released 3 more albums since then (none of which is as good as their debut one, though).

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