Monday, April 27, 2015

Pairem - demo singles

Artist: Pairem
Title: demo tracks
Genre: Folk Metal, Symphonic Metal
Country: Russia (Mari El)

Track List:
  1. Сола вуйыштет
  2. Олык воктен
  3. Какшан воктен
  4. Мари калыкем
  5. Эн лишыл айдеме
Finally, after listening to a lot of Mari pop-folk, I found something that can be called Mari folk metal. Pairem seem to be an extremely obscure band, yet I managed to find some info about them (but not much).

Pairem was formed in 2008 by the members of a non-metal band "Brodyagi" and the vocalist Elvira Kuray with an intention to play folk rock/metal with lyrics in Mari language. They took part in a folk music festival IFUSCO in Helsinki (Finland) in May 2008, and recorded at least 5 demo tracks in late 2000s. By now, the band don't seem to be active.

The tracks which I could find mostly sound as generic female fronted symphonic metal with some folk elements. Sounds nice but nothing special, although I should give them a credit for being the first metal band to sing in Mari.

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