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Post Mortem - "Infandum Renovare Dolorem" [2008]

Artist: Пост Мортем
Title: Infandum Renovare Dolorem
Genre: Horrorcore, "Macabre Rap"
Country: Kazakhstan
Year: 2008

Track List:
  1. Corpus Vile
  2. Danse Macabre
  3. Mansio De Mortis
  4. Infanticidium
  5. Lucio Fulci
  6. Nidus Penes Morbus
  7. Hora Somni
  8. Angelus De Letum
  9. Opus Dei
  10. Requiescat In Pace
  11. Habeas Corpus
  12. Absque Turpe
  13. Dolor Modus
Пост Мортем (or Post Mortem, if you wish) are a russophone rap trio from Kazakhstan, consisting of Alibek "Dr. Fulci" Jusip, Maxat "AzRaiL" Bekes and Evgeniy "j0nny" Postebailo. Their lyrical themes have been described as: "infanticide, dismemberment, slavery, hate, genocide, drug abuse, paranoia, rape, war, torture, terminal illness, child abuse, domestic violence and religion (or lack thereof)" [and Lucio Fulci's movies, I must add]. To put it in short, it's rap with death metal lyrics & imagery. The subgenre of rap music which typically employs such lyrical themes is known as "horrorcore", but the members of Post Mortem don't like this term, preferring their music to be called "macabre rap" instead.

Another, much more well-known horror rapper who dislikes the term "horrorcore" (and prefers to use "death rap" instead) is Necro, of whom I was a fan for a long time, but I always thought it takes a native (or close-to-native) English speaker to fully enjoy Necro's lyrics. And how we have a hip-hop act which is nearly as good as Necro, and raps in my language. Isn't is great? While I normally prefer metal to rap by a wide margin, it's much easier for me to relate to this kind of rap than to the majority of generic death metal. Of course this album isn't a masterpice, but it's infinitely better than almost all the cRAP produced by the post-USSR hip-hop scene. "Infanticidium" is easily the best track on the whole album, and as someone has rightfully said, "that track should be aired on TV as it's a way superior alternative for all these shitty reality shows".


"Infandum Renovare Dolorem" is Пост Мортем's second and the last (and, in my opinion, the best) album. Their debut album "Macabre" isn't bad too, but it's more straightforward Necro worship, with some experiments with death metal which I personally didn't like that much. Their 2012 EP isn't bad either, but this more experimental than their early works, and the lyrics are less explicit. Sadly they haven't released anything in the last couple of years, although the debut solo album of Dr. Fulci is expected to be out on 31st of March.

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