Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2013 was a pretty bad year for me and most people around me, so I'm happy it's finally over, and can only hope that the next year would be better. I also turned 27 y.o. a week ago; of course you can congratulate me with that too, if you want. As for this blog, I actually don't have much interest in continuing it, but I see I have some regular readers, so I'll try to post new reviews at least from time to time. Happy 2014 for everyone!


  1. Congratulations on your birthday then! A bit late maybe?
    Anyway - I just discovered your blog and it is plain amazing. Cant get enough of it!
    I understand that if you started to improve your English, as far as I can tell you dont need much practice any longer, but if you quit posting IIll be missing you! Take care and thanks for your work!

    1. Thanks a lot! Of course, it's always better late than never. And no, I'm not going to quit posting within the next few months (actually, I have a huge list of albums which I'm going to review soon). Don't think I have many readers, though, but you're certainly welcome as a new one :)