Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Darkestrah - "Manas" [2013]

Artist: Darkestrah
Title: Manas
Genre: Black/Pagan Metal
Country: Germany/Kyrgyzstan
Year: 2013

Track List:
  1. Манас-мститель
  2. Память (Старик)
  3. Победа
  4. Кыргызстан
  5. Манас-батыр
Darkestrah are probably the one and only well-known Kyrgyz metal band, and here's their most recent release, titled "Manas". Personally I prefer their early stuff which they recorded before relocation to Germany - because as of now, their music seems to be more influenced by bands like Drudkh, and therefore lost much of its "exoticism". All the lyrics on "Manas" are in Russian (unlike their earlier albums with lyrics in English). Anyway, if you're interested in Asian black/pagan metal, this album is worth checking out - although Darkestrah aren't as "unorthodox" as Tengger Cavalry, for example.

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