Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Drama Radio - "Virtual TV Test" [2012]

Artist: A Drama Radio
Title: Virtual TV Test
Label: Mental Excitement
Genre: Dark Ambient / Experimental
Country: Russia
Release date: 2012

Track List:
  1. The Snow (TV Startup)
  2. Mourning (TV Morning)
  3. Amber Nip Nature (TV Pain)
  4. The Spill Song (Extended TV Bug)
  5. Brave Old World (TV News)
  6. Nurses Love The Worms (TV Values)
  7. Spectral S.O.S. (TV Host)
  8. The Bloom Ocean (TV Sleep)
  9. Parasomnias Parasuicide (TV Death)
  10. Icy Cacophony 2009 (TV Help)
  11. Ann Reprise (TV Bye)
  12. Test (TV Shout)
  13. Waitfall (bonus)
  14. Script (bonus)
A Drama Radio is an experimental music project started by Nazar Markov in 2008. I think he knows about my blog (because of Cracked Core and his label), though I'm not sure if he reads it on regular basis. While I didn't like his debut album ("Perdition Signals", 2010), "Virtual TV Test" is definitely interesting, although not easy to get into. While it still can be classified as dark ambient, it's quite experimental and obviously influenced by the classic industrial scene. Just like all the other Mental Excitement releases, this album is distributed completely for free.

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