Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kembang Kuburan / Past the Line / Ice Queen - "Dream Inside" [2009]

Artist: Kembang Kuburan / Past the Line / Ice Queen
Title: Dream Inside
Genre: Gothic Rock / Symphonic Metal
Country: Indonesia
Release date: 2009

Track List:
  1. Kembang Kuburan - Sesal Tiada Arti
  2. Past the Line - Tepian Mimpi
  3. Ice Queen - Impian Hampa
  4. Kembang Kuburan - Keindahan Semu
  5. Past the Line - Detik Terakhir
  6. Ice Queen - Hati Sunyi
  7. Kembang Kuburan - Merindukan Gelap
  8. Past the Line - Kenapa Terpilih
  9. Ice Queen - Hitamnya Mimpiku

Another "exotic" release - this time from Indonesia, featuring only female-fronted metal bands. Yes, the quality of production is (understandably) far from perfect, but I liked this release better than any album from nightwish, for example. The best band on this split, I think, are Kembang Kuburan (which means something like "Grave Flowers"... am I right?)


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