Monday, April 25, 2011

Niggas With Guitars - "Negative Space" [2009]

Artist: Niggas With Guitars
Title: Negative Space
Label: Smokeland Studios
Genre: Ambient / Experimental
Country: unknown (USA?)
Release date: 2009

Track List:
  1. Next Era Crush
  2. Forbidden Dreams
  3. Forget Stuffed I
  4. Forget Stuffed II
  5. Deembryonaciated
  6. The Voyage
One of my LiveJournal friends pointed me to this project, and I decided to give it a listen - mostly because of the funny band name. The music turned out to be surprisingly good, but not "extreme" or "noisy" at all. Some music catalogues define Niggas With Guitars' genre as "drone", but I can't hear any drone on this album, it's just instrumental ambient / easy listening. Overall a decent release, somewhat comparable to Kesson Shoujo's "Childhood In The Housing Complex". But if you haven't heard about this band before (and you probably do), I recommend to check out first their latest album, "Ethnic Frenzy".

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