Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gol Dolan - "The Traces Of Mist" [2009]

Artist: Gol Dolan
Title: The Traces Of Mist
Genre: Neofolk
Country: China
Release date: 2009
Size: 70 mb

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. The Traces Of Mist
  3. Balmy Of Reminiscence
  4. Sorcerer’s Pearl
  5. Exercise Of Heart
  6. The Memory Of My Islamic
  7. Leippya
  8. Mermaid
  9. Star Atlas
  10. The Endless Knot Of Soviet Union
  11. The Eternal Return
  12. Ataraxia
  13. Story
  14. The Lay Preacher
  15. The Endless Knot Of Soviet Union (Version Guitar)
Gol Dolan is an another Chinese neoclassical/neofolk project, consisting of Do Lan and Bo Wen. The duo was formed in Beijing around 2005, and has four releases (+ one demo) so far. "The Traces Of Mist" is their 2nd full-length album, featuring 15 mostly instrumental tracks. Not as impressive as Bloody Woods or Eltan Renaxy, but still very beautiful music. And some of these track names are, hmm... original. "The Endless Knot Of Soviet Union"?.. Interesting.

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