Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Janaza - "Burning Quran Ceremony" [2010]

Artist: Janaza
Title: Burning Quran Ceremony
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Iraq
Release date: 2010

Track List:
  1. Burn the Pages of Quran
  2. Islamic Lies
  3. Arise
  4. Black Metal Ist Krieg (Nargaroth cover)
  5. When Islam Brainwashed Mankind
Not so long ago CC (of Cracked Core) asked me if I know any anti-Islamic (not just anti-religious, but specifically anti-Islamic) black metal bands from Middle Eastern countries. Well, can't say there's a lot of such bands... but there's a female-fronted black metal project even in Iraq! It's called Janaza, and consists of only one member behind the moniker "Anahita". Female-fronted black metal from Muslim countries isn't something unheard of (see İlkim Oulanem), but Anahita's lyrics are much more explicit, and she comes from much less secular country. In terms of music, this demo is nothing special, but don't forget it's true black metal from a country with virtually no metal or rock scene, and made by person who witnessed the horrors of war with her own eyes (unlike those Scandinavian metal bands who prefer to sing about war while staying in the most safe region of the world...)

(UPDATE: this might be a fake)

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